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Blackbird 7'6/8'0

Downwind machine

The Blackbird invites you into the fascinating world of endless rides off the beaten path.

Blackbird v2

You don’t just sail, you glide beyond expectations, exploring the boundaries of extreme riding with confidence and ease.

a perfect fusion of passion
and bold innovation.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Blackbird

Designed with precision for extreme riding enthusiasts, the Blackbird embodies the pure essence of performance, offering a unique profile and an unparalleled experience.
The visionary design of this board pushes the limits of aerodynamics, creating a perfect symbiosis between form and function.
Every element of the hull, deck, and front and rear bulbs is carefully designed to reduce drag while providing precise handling and optimal stability.

Innovative shape

Its shape offers more than just a striking aesthetic, it represents the perfect harmony between extreme performance and accessibility.


The lowered deck combined with a slight longitudinal and lateral concave promotes direct contact with the foil, guaranteeing absolute control linked to the lowering of the center of gravity and the small thickness between the feet and the foil.

Downwind machine

Its ability to take off is exceptional, whether it is in SUP or prone DW, in DW Freeride or on a contest, in bumps or on the flat…
The most high-performance foils become much easier to take off.

Full carbon Construction

The full carbon construction combined with a double longitudinal carbon stringer is the fruit of cutting-edge technology.

Every carbon fiber, every joint, is meticulously assembled to offer optimal strength and rigidity, resulting in unparalleled performance, especially in the pumping phases.

Board characteristics


Length 7'6/228.6 cm
Width 19"/48.3 cm
Volume 110L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.2 kg


Length 7'6/228.6 cm
Width 21"/53.3 cm
Volume 120L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.7 kg


Length 8'0/243.8 cm
Width 18"/45.7 cm
Volume 115L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.3 kg


Length 8'0/243.8 cm
Width 20"/50.8 cm
Volume 125L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.7 kg


Length 8'0/243.8 cm
Width 22"/55.9 cm
Volume 140L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 7.4 kg

Available in two colors - classic black and CUSTOM white FINISH.

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